This website is managed by a music fan to help you find live instrumental smooth/groove/contemporary jazz performances at home or wherever you might be traveling, whether visiting family, on business or on vacation. Each event provides links to Artists and Venue and/or Event Details so you can get information about tickets and the type of music featured.


1. Click here or use the Search Box at the bottom of the Smooth Jazz Calendar page. (This search box looks only at the current calendar events, not the Jazz in Europe page or other pages on the site.) Do not place quotation marks around your search words--this search box behaves as if quotation marks are already included and searches for the EXACT PHRASE you enter. It works best when you enter a full state name or an artist name to bring back all current events for that state/artist. Entering a city name may mean you miss events that are in towns or cities nearby. You must search on three letters or more, so avoid state abbreviations.

2. To search more generally, use the search box on the bottom left. It will search for listings containing ALL of the words in your search terms, no matter where they appear in the listing. It will also search among all the pages of the site, including Jazz in Europe, Artists and Venues. Unfortunately, it also will include results from events that have already taken place so sometimes is not as helpful. You can filter the results or search again by checking the appropriate option: "All words" "Any words" or "Exact Phrase."

3. LOCALIZE YOUR SEARCH by using the full state name, a space, and the first one, two or even three digits of the zip code for that area, depending on how narrow you wish to search. For example, entering Washington 9 will bring back events for Washington state, NOT Washington, DC. To narrow further, enter Washington 98 for events in the Seattle area. Likewise, for greater Los Angeles, enter California 90. Enter California 900 to further limit to Los Angeles and exclude Long Beach, Santa Monica, etc. For Washington, DC only and not surrounding areas, enter Washington, DC 20. This list of zip code prefixes can help you localize search areas across the country. THE EXCEPTION is New York City. For those events, search on New York, NY. Searching on New York 1 will return all events elsewhere in New York state.

4. To search by date (from today forward), it's easiest to use the Mini-Calendar on the left side of the page. Or click the Monthly or Weekly View icon on the Smooth Jazz Calendar page. The Details or Flat View provides the most comprehensive information at a glance - a day at a time.


This site lists events that primarily feature instrumental smooth/funky/contemporary/fusion jazz as well as some Latin and World music. I like to think of it as "jazz with a melody." I start with artists included on the Billboard Smooth Jazz charts, on SiriusXM's Watercolors channel or on Jazz Radio's Smooth Jazz channels. It is difficult to categorize any creative musician into one genre and perhaps even more so, when the genre is jazz. Most artists like to experiment with a variety of styles and so, especially at live events, you may hear R&B, funk, blues, Latin, electronica and pop in addition to many types of jazz from the artists included here.

Although I generally don't list events that are primarily big band, vocal or straight-ahead, traditional jazz, many jazz artists simply don't fit into a category. When I have time, I sometimes add events featuring artists who are not necessarily defined as "smooth jazz" but who I think would still appeal to a smooth jazz audience. If you are unfamiliar with an artist listed here, be sure to visit his or her website and check out the music to make sure it meets with your taste.

FOR ARTISTS, VENUES AND PROMOTERS interested in being included on SJC, here are my guidelines.

1. This site features instrumental jazz, not jazz vocals. I include singers only when they are listed in a festival or event's line-up that also features instrumental jazz. In general, artists or bands who feature vocals in most of their songs are not included here, if I am aware of that. (A band may have a huge instrumental hit but feature vocals in 90% of their set lists without my knowledge.)

2. I include artists only if they have a website of some sort - a Reverbnation page or a public (not personal) Facebook page also are fine - and a way for visitors to hear a bit of the artist's music, either on the musician's site or at iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, etc.

3. Generally I require two confirmations of an event before listing - one from the artist and one from the venue or a separate EventBrite page, public Facebook event, an online newspaper listing, etc. This helps to avoid issues with dates that are not yet fully confirmed. I will include dates confirmed by a venue or festival, even if not yet listed on an artist's website since I assume they have a contract in hand.

4. I generally do not include jazz events that are part of political gatherings or religious services unless it is a benefit concert of some type.

5. If your event meets these guidelines and is not already listed here, please feel free to e-mail me directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I reserve the right to refuse events if they do not meet these guidelines.


I have not seen all the musicians included here and may incorrectly describe an artist or event. Please review the artist and venue links provided to determine if the show meets your personal preferences. And while my goal is to be completely accurate, obviously mistakes and cancellations happen. Be sure to depend on the links provided for the latest info. Finally, this is a fan site run by someone with no musical talent whatsoever...just an affinity for jazz. I do not mean to endorse or to imply endorsement by any artist, venue or event, but only to contribute to the popularity and attendance of live jazz events.

I hope you'll find a show to attend soon. I am always impressed by the showmanship and talent of these wonderful artists. Please e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any comments or suggestions. I'd love to hear from you.

A personal note: My inspiration for starting and continuing this site can be traced to the first live jazz show I saw: Richard Elliot and his band, including Richard Smith - his guitarist in that show - at SOB's in New York City. I enjoyed it so much, I was determined to find other smooth jazz events whenever I traveled. This proved to be more difficult than I realized since I knew neither venues or artists who might be performing during my travel dates. And now I do!

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